Dance has been a lifelong passion for Payton who began training when she was seven in styles including jazz, tap, ballet, Irish dance, acrobatics, and later pointe. In her adulthood she was introduced to aerial dance and began learning pole, aerial hoop, hammock and silks.


Photos by Grey Hills Studio & P.S. Make Me Famous


Payton Glagau is a Canadian producer, choreographer, instructor, performer and model. She tells unique stories though her art work by connecting emotions and movement in diverse ways. Payton's work stands out as she continues to train in a variety of styles and blends different techniques to create innovative dynamics through experimentation in her choreography. Examples include pointe and pole, acrobatics and lyra, partner acrobatics and contemporary, and most recently lyrical and acrobatics on a spinning office chair.


Payton began dancing professionally through Artists Elite International in 2012 and in 2015 she debuted her first professional choreography through the company. She continued to share her work as an independent artist on Calgary's most prestigious stages including The Bella Concert Hall, The Jack Singer, and The Jubilee Auditorium. Payton also performs at numerous cultural and charity events. In her time as a performer Payton has danced for a variety of audiences from soirees at local venues with 30 guests to sold out productions seating 800 patrons. After a recent move to Montreal Payton is looking forward to becoming part of the performance community there. 

As a teacher Payton developed the SASY Syllabus for jazz, lyrical, acrobatics, and aerial classes for Strut Fitness and Dance. She also created the circus program at Dance With France. These classes build a strong technical foundation and teach performance skills. Payton is experienced in coaching competition solos in aerial and acrobatic styles. She also instructs adults in aerial, acrobatics, technique, pole dancing, and more and helps find and create performance opportunities for students with professional dance aspirations. Currently Payton is teaching pole, aerial hoop, hammock, silks, burlesque chair and flexibility through Studio Phénix.  


Payton recently graduated from L'Ecole Nationale de Cirque's online teacher training program and is a certified pole instructor through Pole and Aerial Fitness.


Payton began modeling in 2017 and has mainly appeared in dance focused promotional material for show posters and aerial dance rigging. Most recently she has become the face of the fashion line P.S. Make Me Famous.